Halloween Hot Sauce is…

Quality, Homemade Hot Sauce

Thick, flavorful, slow-simmered, small-batch hot sauce, each created from our own custom recipes.


Available in Handmade Coffins

Bottles can be purchased sealed inside cedar coffins, each handmade by Victor “The Undertaker” Ives himself!


With “Mausoleum Moss” and Maggots

Each coffin is stuffed liberally with “mausoleum moss” and novelty maggots along for the ride. Don’t worry, they don’t eat much.

Vintage, Apothecary-style Labels

Authentic, vintage fonts and printing techniques of the 1890’s are simulated in each bottle’s apothecary-style label.


Hand-stained, “Burial Cloth” Bottle Toppers

Each bottle is topped with a scrap of hand-stained “burial cloth.” Corpses don’t mind if I cut up their clothes, do they?


Secured with a Bloody Toe-tag

What Halloween-inspired hot sauce bottle would be complete without a bloody toe-tag tied around the neck?