Doyle’s MADE IN HELL Hot Sauce

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5 oz. Bottle: Heat Level – Medium/Hot (50,000 SHU)
Legendary Misfits & DOYLE guitarist Doyle Wolfgang Von Frankenstein unleashes yet another assault on your senses!​

With robust flavor and a formidable heat level, this hot sauce is truly MADE IN HELL!

Cayenne Peppers, Vinegar, Garlic, Basil, Oregano, Onion, Coarse-ground Black Pepper, Red Pepper, Salt


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  • The signature hot sauce of legendary Misfits and DOYLE guitarist Doyle Wolfgang Von Frankenstein
  • Cajun-style, cayenne pepper based hot sauce with coarse-ground black pepper AND slow-simmered red pepper! Very robust, very flavorful!
  • Medium/hot heat level (50,000 Scoville Heat Units)

It’s best on: Everything! Burgers, Pizza, Casseroles, Chili, Chicken, Fish, Pork, Eggs, Bloody Marys, etc.

Bottle Specs: 5 oz. – 6 3/4″ tall x 2″ wide

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Doyle’s MADE IN HELL Hot Sauce has been created exclusively for Doyle Wolfgang Von Frankenstein by

8 reviews for Doyle’s MADE IN HELL Hot Sauce

  1. Scott Bird (verified owner)

    One of the best sauces I ever had. With basil and a hint of oregano, it really adds a distinct flavor that makes this sauce work on everything. I recommend to anybody!!

  2. Rad to the bone

    Good shit

  3. Metal Tony

    Killer…. I put it on almost everything!!!

  4. Joseph Rodriguez

    The perfect hot sauce! Packed with robust flavor and just the right amount of heat!

  5. John (verified owner)

    It’ got potential but is salty,salty,salty. Way too salty.
    Not bad,but not good either. Tried it and would not buy again.

    • Victor, The Undertaker

      Hi John, Thanks for your comment! I’ve never heard anyone say that it’s too salty but I’ve been watching my sodium intake and am working on a low-sodium/low-salt version. I hope you like that one better! Thanks again!

  6. Joe (verified owner)

    Love it as much as Walk Among Us.
    So that’s quite a lot.

    • Victor, The Undertaker

      Wow! Thanks Joe! I am truly honored!

  7. Tarl

    Where to begin? Was recommended to try this sauce by a die-hard Misfits fan, and man did the stuff not disappoint. From the smell, to the texture, to the flavor, this stuff is amazing! Just enough heat to remind you it’s there, but this stuff is all about the taste. I work at a taco shop, and lemme tell you, a bottle of this stuff is coming with me to work every day from now on.

    • Victor, The Undertaker

      Thank so much Tarl for the review! Sure, there are hotter sauces out there but Doyle insisted on a hot sauce that he could use on everything, every day and as a big, Italian dude, he insisted on a substantial amount of garlic and basil! Flavor FIRST I always say and I’m stoked that you like Doyle’s MADE IN HELL!

  8. Misfits grrl

    I love this stuff! Put it on any bland piece o’ shit meal and it becomes a masterpiece. Hope it’s in stock again soon!

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